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Posted on July 14, 2009 at 11:03 PM

What do you do when you have the morning in Paris free? I signed up for a cooking class. It was a class for local Parisians taught in bullet speed French. It's a good way to see French life.  I hardly understood a word the teacher was saying but since it was a rather elementary cooking class, I managed.  But I must admit, I was quite anxious in the beginning and felt like a total intrusion.  Everyone was nice and eager to learn.  Some students were quite advanced in their peeling skills, using a peeler.  

The menu was a composed salad of chopped tomato, roasted bell pepper and zuchinni served with a tomato vinegarette and a side of mashed potatoes salad with sea urchin topping.  Dessert was macarons filled  with sweet anise flavored cream and red currants. I tried to remember everything since the teacher didn't hand out cooking instructions and took lots of pictures.

We blanched to yellow tomatoes to peel off the skin. The tomatoes were chopped and seeded. They rested on a strainer to drain the excess juice.

We diced the zuchinni and roasted yellow peppers.

The presentation was simple and elegant.  On a bed of chopped tomatoes, we put a layer of chopped yellow peppers and chopped zuchinni.  It was very nouvelle cuisine. This salad was served with a simple tomato vinagrette.

In the meantime, we cooked the potatoes.  While the potatoes were still warm, we made the sea urchin topping.  To make the potato salad, the potatoes were handled while they were still warm.  Olive oil, salt and pepper were added for texture and taste.

The sea urchin topping worked  well with the potatoes.  One student didn't care for it so she ate around it. I thought it was quite tasty.  The tomato, zuchinni, pepper salad was mostly consumed.

I couldn't stay for dessert.   I had fun.  I realized my French really needs work.

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