Buckwheat Experiment

Posted on September 7, 2013 at 2:15 PM

Last month, Glenn Roberts from Anson Mills sent me 150 lbs of buckwheat seeds.  He has been giving me seeds of all types to start a grain hub in Southern California.  Buckwheat is a grain that we treasure in Japan.  When the seeds are milled and made into flour, they make delicious noodles.  But what is essential is that the seeds are picked, dried, milled and made into noodles in a timely manner so they don't loose their freshness and flavor.

I have been buying my sobako (buckwheat flour) but as I get more passionate about the practice of making noodles by hand, I have developed a desire to grow my own buckwheat.  We tried growing it in late October on ou ranch in Tehachapi two years ago and the frost killed the buckwheat.  This time, I have tilled one long row, irrigated it and planted seeds in late August and the buckwheat is growing.  Some deer have picked on the sprouted leaves but I keep putting more seeds in and hoping that the deer will go away. They are in some ways doing the job of thinning the buckwheat sprouts so it may all work out in the long run.  I am hopeful.

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